Hilary's Top Picks


Clarins Double Serum

This serum is my ultimate favourite. It contains 21 active plant extracts and leaves the skin looking beautiful. I feel it’s made a huge difference to my skin and I couldn’t be without it! I use this after cleansing and toning my skin and before I moisturise.



Sculpted By Aimee Connolly Peach Pop Cream Blush

I love this blush; it’s the perfect mix of both peach and pink and adds such a gorgeous colour to your cheeks. It’s suitable for all age groups and for every time of the year and leaves a gorgeous dewy sheen on your skin. I don’t use powder on my cheeks, but I do powder the rest of my face to keep a more matte look around my T-Zone in contrast to the more dewy finish on my cheeks after using this beautiful cream.



Dripping Gold Liquid Luxe Ultra Dark

This tan suits my skin perfectly. It glides on so easily with a tan mitt and it isn’t difficult to work it into the skin. The wear-off doesn’t go scaley and it gives the most gorgeous golden colour to the skin. I use this tan every week after exfoliating and moisturising.



L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil

This is my ultimate luxury product; I love putting this onto my skin after a shower. It’s really moisturising and nourishing on the skin, it smells beautiful and leaves the skin feeling like velvet. I use this at least once a week on my self-care nights!



Revive Active Zest Active

I use this every single day and I really feel it has helped boost both my immune system and my energy levels. I take one of these sachets every single morning, before eating or drinking anything else.



Purcell & Woodcock Sea Salt & Driftwood Luxury Candle 

I love lighting this candle during the day to give a cosy vibe to the office, but especially at night when I am winding down and relaxing. It has a cool, aquatic and fragrant blend of bergamot, sweet citrus, cedar and green moss.


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